Dolores int.2020 - Love Eternally, Pay Monthly

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Complicated Airflow

Explore True
Love Eternally, Pay Monthly
Remember Beautiful Stroke

Fantasy Forever, 21/02/2020

Panser Kone - F4E5

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Karsten Pflum x Gilli Type Beat
Finally Got To Play Computersangen At Tresor

Mixed by: Frederik Skyum Carlsen
Mastering: Rasmus Oxlund

Fantasy Forever, 24/12/2019

Super Karla - Super Karla Extra

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Happy Wedding Day Theis O
(I Wish I Could) Call You

Blue Eyes White Light
Eow Hun Har Brugt Mig
 Super Karla 1

 Reprise (Musical Camp Exclusiva)

Mixed by: Frederik Skyum Carlsen
Mastering by: Hari Kishore

Fantasy Forever, 22/11/2019

RO Zar - Predation Among Specimens

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Opus I
Opus II
Opus III
Opus IV

Fantasy Forever, 31/03/2019

Rich Xit - PoolParty

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I love your rich behavior m. Panser Kone

Money Clubbing
White Designer Dress
I Have a Friend, We'll Loose Him Soon (Nice Smoke)

Mixed by: Rich Xit
Mastering by: Hari Kishore

Fantasy Forever, 10/05/2019

Panser Kone - Drengene Hører Kidd Mens Jorden Går Under

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Dolphin Olympics
PK Bossa

Hoes Ass Titties
Lyddreng Tempel
Panser Kone Du Lyver (feat. Khal Allan)
DJ MC Mashup Mix

Åh Pengene

Cut and master by HVAD, Kommunal Dubplate Service
Air System Play Like Air / Fantasy Forever, 31/03/2019